I was recently having a discussion with my friend (a seasoned backend engineer) and I casually said, “It will not take me much time to learn how to code in a backend programming language” 😝. To which he surprisingly replied, “While that is true given you already know how to code, what will take time is to think like a backend engineer coz that is learnt/gained with experiences and hours and hours of debugging sessions and getting numerous code errors.

That got me thinking - What if this is the same challenge that is faced by many developers/engineers who are…

State management is one of the most important concepts of ReactJS development. But sadly it’s importance is somehow realised only at the later stages of development, when the app is already too complex to make any changes, or even worse, it is not realised at all, because folks building the app aren’t aware of this concept and they end up using local state and prop drilling making the code base unscalable.

State management by all means is not at all a new concept nor its something which some of us have not implemented before. Folks who are aware of this…

Hi, I recently had to write test cases for my Redux Sagas and APIs and it started getting quite confusing. Good news is I could finally finish the task in hand. Yessss!!!…. but it took some time. Hence I’m writing this article to help developers who might already have or will stumble upon the same.

Moving on, so, when we are trying to write good code, our focus is generally on topics like logic, patterns, complexity, indentation, variable names etc. …

Aniket Paul

Been working on JS for the last few years. At present I’m a SSE at Intuit focusing predominantly on UI. www.linkedin.com/in/aniket-paul-0400279a

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